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Aramex Tracking Customer Call Number

The customer care numbers are provided to the customers to help them access all the facilities. Phone Number (Main): +91 44-33003300
Just send the Aramex consignment number via SMS and it will show you the live update stats.


Aramex Tracking Number Rules

(# Letter, * Digit)
( *** *** *** )    ( *** *** ***  * )
(*** *** *** ** )    ( *** *** *** *** )
(*** *** *** *** *** *** ** ) 


Aramex is a leading international express company based in Dubai, providing comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1982, the company aimed to become the first courier company in the Middle East. It has approximately 13,800 emplyees in 54 countries including USA, Jordan, UAE, India, Japan, China, e.t.c.

Aramex FAQ

What should I provide when submitting a claim?
1. Waybill

2. Photographs of damaged shipment and packing list if available.

3. Commercial invoice

How to track my Aramex Shipment?

You can track Aramex Shipment through Aramex tracking tool or

How long do I have to collect my Aramex package from the locker?

Your shipment will be keep in an Aramex package for 3 days or 72 hours.

Aramex Customer Contact
Aramex is an international express delivery company based in Dubai. The main customer service is +1 718-553-8740. But as this is an international company, Aramex has different office in many countries.
How long will it take aramex to ship package to US/Qatar and other countries?
Though the delivery/transit time of shipping package through Aramex international Priority mail. We can see that it takes 1-4 days to get US, and 1-3 days to get qatar.
Working at Aramex Express
Aramex is a dubai express company, would you like to work in Aramex? Here are some reviews of their employees.
Aramex Express Reviews
Have you heard about Aramex Express, what do you think of it? here are some Aramex reviews to help you know Aramex better.There are 335 reviews in google, and Aramex is rated as 3.7/5. While in the trustpilot website, the company is rated as 0.8/10.
Which one is better, Aramex or DHL?
Aramex is a Dubai express company while DHL is a German company. Different companies are good at different stuffs. For example, DHL is good at moving letters, documents internationally.