Working at Aramex Express

Aramex is a dubai express company, would you like to work in Aramex? Here are some reviews of their employees.

Aramex Hong Kong team.

The aramex is rated at 3.7 in indeed website. Here are some typical reviews:

1. Aramex is a great company

Aramex is a great organization. It has a fantastic culture. My journey was just fabulous. I learned a lot of things from my mentors across eight years of experience and made many friends.

2. Heavey work load

work load is very heavy but salary is too low it is not compact able for that job, and also pressure is more.the middle level management will not take proper responsible to give the review of lower category employees.

3. too much politics

- always busy with customers
- to deal with every type and mood of customers
- not supporting employees
- non-supportive in every aspect
- to deal with very angry customers
- receiving compliments from satisfied customers

In order to know more about Aramex company, check this aramex youtube video to know the hard working colleagues who go the extra mile every day for customers.