Problems about Aramex

Many people have tried Aramex to send their package, some people had a nice experience with Aramex while others don't. The service of Aramex has improve dramatically since they start out. But they still have to improve the service, here are some typical problems of Aramex from different users.

1. OVER LOAD … come back nextweek

Badr says the Aramex service is good and cheap, the only problem is sometimes they are overload and he has to come back next week. Besides, they won't send package on holidays.

2. Please call me before delivering

Desert girl says the biggest problem is  the drivers just won't call her befor delivering, so she don't know when the package will delivery and how much will it cost.

3. Never pick up the phone

Shopa says they never pick up the phone, it is very hard to contact Aramex through phone. Sometimes you can try to call the local Aramex office for better chance.

4. Don't do bulk pricing or discounts

Aramex doesn't provide bulk pricing or discounts. And they should be more careful while handeling packages, sometimes the packages is damaged when it arrived.

5. Slow service

The Aramex tracking system shows package has arrived at local office, why does it still take 1 week to wait for this package.